Budget Coaching

A church or community group can readily set up a budget coaching service for people wanting help with managing their money. Unlike with Debt Advice, you do not need to work in a regulated environment. CMA provides the training (see Budget Coach Training Course, under Training on this site) and also Managing Your Money booklets, to go through and fill-in with the people you want to help, producing a budget plan for them to follow.

You can also undertake the training and offer budget coaching to others as an individual. You don't have to be part of a 'group service' - perhaps start on your own and encourage others to undertake the training and then form a group.



If you are interested in becoming a Debt Adviser or a Money Mentor but aren’t in a position to set up a Debt Advice Centre or a Connect Centre within your own church or community group, you could look at volunteering in an existing CMA centre. Check on the Get Help page on this website if there are established services near to you, contact them and ask if they need extra volunteers; most centres are delighted to have extra hands. The centre and CMA can then arrange for you to be trained as a Debt Adviser or Money Mentor, as appropriate, so you can join the team.