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The advice provided through CMA centres is a lifeline for many people experiencing a financial crisis. CMA recognise however the importance of addressing policies that may have contributed to debt problems. Policies can often affect household budgets and people's dealings with lenders and financial institutions. CMA are keen to share the experiences of people impacted by debt and money problems. By encouraging them to speak up about their situation, we believe policies can be positively influenced.


CMA recommends policies that strengthen and improve family finances building resilience against unexpected financial shocks. When credit is required CMA believe the poorest customers should be protected against being drawn into debt they can't repay promptly. CMA believe that when people experience financial problems or a debt crisis, they should receive practical and emotional support with a clear route out of debt. 

Our policy recommendations

CMA's policy recommendations are split into three sections. Prevention, Products and Support.

Prevention: building resilience and strengthening family finances.

  • Address challenges with the cost of living and benefit delivery.
  • Tackle the poverty premium.
  • Provide better financial education.

Products: fair financial products for those who need access to credit.

  • End automatic credit limit increases on credit cards.
  • Improve the range of products available for people who cannot access mainstream credit.
  • A legally backed clear route out of debt.

Support: practical and emotional support to navigate a clear route out of debt. 

  • Breathing space for people experiencing debt problems so they are protected from interest and charges.
  • Break the connection between debt and mental health with improved support for people experiencing mental health issues.
  • Improve access to debt support services for those experiencing financial problems.

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