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CMA has a network of over 150 affiliated advice centres across the country. Our CMA Debt Advice Centres and CMA Connect Centres help thousands of people escape from the blight of indebtedness by providing free, unconditional, fully confidential advice and practical support to people from all walks of life. The face-to-face approach to advice is a unique feature of the CMA advice centre model and is different to the centralised approach often taken by other advice networks.

The advice provided is a lifeline to people in financial crisis and we are keen to engage with the media, press and politicians to:


  • Encourage people struggling with debt issues to seek help rather than struggle alone or ignore the problem.
  • Make sure people struggling with debt problems get their voices heard.
  • Share the experiences of people impacted by debt and money problems so that policies can be positively influenced.
  • Encourage churches and community groups to launch a local CMA centre so that everyone experiencing debt problems or a financial crisis has access to free, unconditional, fully confidential, face-to-face advice and support.


We can help organise interviews with people supported by local CMA centres, who are comfortable sharing their story. We can also provide spokespeople and arrange visits to local CMA centres.

Our key statistics

Through CMA’s network of centres, thousands of families find freedom from debt and hope for the future every year. The full impact of the free, confidential, face-to-face advice provided by our local advisors is often difficult to measure. However, our most recent statistics give an insight into the scale of the work undertaken by the Community Money Advice network:

  • Throughout 2017 CMA helped 9,033 families with face to face debt advice, enabling them to find sustainable solutions to often very complex debt issues (17,854 people including partners & children).
  • CMA’s 157 centres enabled these families to manage over £110 million of debt of which £90 million was on credit/store cards and unsecured loans (over £10,000 per household on non-priority debts).
  • CMA has over 1,000 fully trained volunteer debt advisers offering over 310,000 hours of face to face debt advice each year.

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For media enquiries, please contact Community Money Advice on 01743 341929 or email [email protected]

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For any general enquiries, CMA can be contacted on [email protected].