Conference 2018

Once a year, at locations across the country, CMA centres come together for our ‘Envision’ conference.  This is an opportunity to learn, network, celebrate and eat together as well as being a time of encouragement, fresh envisioning and equipping for the year ahead.

This year Our Envision conference will be held in Shrewsbury - Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November 2018

The Barnabas Church Centre, Longden Coleham, Shrewsbury, SY3 7DN

Registration is at 1:00pm on Friday 2nd November. The conference will end at 4:00pm on Saturday 3rd November

We are planning an exciting agenda and you will be able to see details of that agenda here when confirmed. At this time we can say that the conference will include a high profile key note speaker, information on the new CMA Light initiative, an update on the debt and mental health project many centres have engaged with, extended time for sharing, an open Q&A session, a lot of social time and a large range of sector appropriate 3rd party stalls. There is a considerable risk that it could be fun as well as informative.

Over the years we have been blessed by many and varied speakers and have been able to learn about sector and developmental changes through seminars. For those on the naughty boys table at the evening meal, interesting napkin origami has taken place too.  

Each year it is a challenge to find new and provocative speakers and seminar choices, yet year on year powerful themes emerge to challenge, motivate and encourage us all. This year we are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker will be Margaret Sentamu for more information about Margaret please 

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Previous conferences

2003     Shrewsbury: Martin Charlesworth & Heather Keates: On a journey together. Seminars were held by FIAC & also the Money Advice Trust 

2004     Hammersmith: Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach & Malcolm Duncan: Stories of Hope for the nation

2005     Milton Keynes: Keith Tondeur & Nigel Ring: Refined by Fire 

2006     Peterborough: Malcolm Duncan: Running the race, the call for Churches to play an active part in transforming our communities

2007     Congleton: Matt Barlow: Stepping out of the boat. Challenging us to be prepared to step out in faith and believe in the promises we have been given

2008     Sidcup: David Holden. First Friday evening and all day Saturday conference. Isaiah 61 Proclaiming the year of the Lord’s Favour

2009     Milton Keynes: Stephen Timms M.P. (Chief Secretary to the Treasury): Bravely took questions from the floor after his talk. Martin Charlesworth: Growth and professional approach whilst remembering why we do what we do. Catered lunch on Saturday for the first time

2010     Liverpool: Keith Tondeur:  Society thinks so much about things that it fails to think about God and people

2011     HTB, London: Heather Keates: CMA story and Be Prepared Martin Charlesworth: Churches response to social action. Celebrating 10 years of CMA as a charity. Introduction of Friday afternoon sessions along with a celebration meal Friday evening

2012     Nottingham: Linbert Spencer, Salvation Army: Engaging with multi-cultural communities

2013     Shrewsbury: Mike Royal: Enlarging our tents and Colin Smith, DWP: talking about sector changes

2014     Shrewsbury: Colin Trend: Debt & Mental Health Brother Robert: Poverty, debt & economics

2015     Durham: Bishop of Durham: Telling the Story Andrew Orton: Money Talks

2016     Shrewsbury: Robin Millar: Action out of values Laurence Singlehurst: Making a difference where we are. Satori fundraising gig held after the Friday evening meal

2017     Alfreton: Dave Coates-Smith: Stories of Hope