CMA launch new debt advice model: CMA Connect

In 1997 Heather Keates and her team of volunteers opened the Community Debt Advice Centre in Burgess Hill. Clients flooded in. 23 years later and the vision Heather was given has blossomed into the national network of CMA Debt Advice Centres we see today. Now, on 1st July, CMA launch the CMA Connect Centre model, and the CMA Hub Advice option for debt advice centres. Over the years CMA has taken many steps forward in service provision: an Adviceline; a comprehensive training programme; Catalyst casework software; and more, but Connect is arguably the most radical; a whole new operating model, which we believe is set to allow many more churches and agencies to engage with debt advice. Against a background of profound need, this has to be worth a celebration. In addition the launch is being supported by a national press release.

Download the press release here

You can listen to the UCB interview with our CEO Heather Keates about debt and our new Connect service here:

CMA Centre Manager for Harpenden Money Advice, Richard Payne, explains how running a CMA centre can give local people freedom from debt and hope for the future.