Centre Manager Job Opportunity in Carmarthen

Job Opportunity: Centre Manager, Carmarthen Community Money Advice

Hours: 37.5 hrs a week.  Salary: £24,610

Carmarthen Community Money Advice are looking for a Centre Manager to oversee the work of Carmarthen CMA day-to-day, as part of the wider vision of the Xcel Project. The role is driven by a compassion to reach out to those who are in need or disadvantaged within the local community, and who are struggling with money issues. The Centre Manager should go about daily duties, demonstrating a caring and compassionate attitude towards people from a diverse background, withholding judgement based on age, social status, race, religion or culture. The Centre Manager will also sit on a strategic team of 4 responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Trussell Trust Pathfinder programme in Carmarthen. 

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