Are you worried about your money during these difficult times?

If you are worried about money please don’t struggle in silence. CMA advisers and Money Mentors can assist and support you, whatever your circumstances.

CMA has produced some self help materials for you to use

CMA Self Help Guide

Pro Rata Debt Repayment Calculator Sheet

A printed version of the CMA Self Help guide can also be purchased here

In the meantime here are some top tips to help you get on top of your situation

  1. Don’t take out any more borrowing to pay off debt
  2. Don’t ignore the situation as it will only get worse
  3. If you have a partner talk to them and decide together how you are going to tackle the situation together
  4. Keep paying your essential bills such as rent, mortgage, Council Tax, gas, electricity etc
  5. Use benefit check websites like Turn2us or entitledto to ensure you're getting everything you should in the way of benefits and grants
  6.  Identify areas of expenditure you may be able to cut back on or items you no longer need that you can sell
  7. Do prioritise. Deal first with those debts that have the most serious consequences if they aren’t paid. These aren't necessarily the ones belonging to creditors ‘shouting the loudest’
  8. Let your creditors know if you are going to miss payments or if you need to make reduced payments
  9. Seek free debt advice


Remember, debts are only debts. They can be sorted so please don’t be frightened to ask for help







"There are many reasons people can get into debt, but you shouldn't be ashamed. It can happen to anyone." Matthew


Helpful Links

The Money Advice Service have launched an online money planner which is designed to help everyone understand and manage their money better.

It takes about 10 minutes to answer some straightforward questions and the health check will give you a personalised action plan which identifies the top three things you can do to make the most of your money right now, and to plan for future goals.

It’s free and it’s unbiased - The Money Advice Service won’t recommend a particular product or provider or try to sell you anything.

Health Check


You can check to see if you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to by putting your situation through the benefits check on the Turn2us website. It take about 10 minutes to answer some questions about your current situations and will give you an idea of the benefits and amounts you may be entitled to

Turn2us check


Help claiming Universal Credit

Universal Credit: A Claimant's Guide


Help if you're in prison

CMA have produced a booklet and guide to help if you're in, or working with people in prison - see more information here