You can help people find freedom from debt and hope for the future.

For several years, personal debt in the UK has been at record levels. Set against this, COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on household finances, with almost 9 million people forced to increase their borrowing in 2020 to cope with the pandemic, many from the lowest income households. 

The situation facing families and households is deeply concerning and we believe churches and community organisations will need to play a vital role in helping people in crisis over the next few years. We can help you be a lifeline to those in crisis.

We believe that it is not fair that face to face advice and support is only available in some communities. We are keen to make professional face to face debt advice available to all who need it.

Community Money Advice provides a low-cost opportunity to provide free, confidential face-to-face debt support to local people. Our network consists of 170 church-led debt advice centres, many are collocated alongside other social action project such as foodbanks.

To encourages churches and community organisations to respond to the need in their local community, we are holding free webinars to show how our low-cost model can help people find freedom from debt and hope for the future.

Please find below a list of upcoming webinars. Please click on the link to book your place.

Upcoming free, live webinars

Wednesday 17th April 2024 10.30-11.30

Wednesday 19th June 2024 10.30-11.30

Wednesday 11th September 2024 10.30-11.30

Wednesday 13th November 2024 10.30-11.30

A webinar for churches and community organisations who are interested in helping people find freedom from debt and hope for the future.

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Can't join us for a live webinar? Or don't want to wait?

There is a pre-recorded video of the webinar available just for you! 

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