Over the years CMA has written, rewritten, adapted and added to its training program culminating in achieving Money Advice Service accreditation for our generalist debt adviser course.

Training has always been at the heart of CMA’s services with the aim of taking individuals with little or no experience in giving debt advice to a place where they have a good understanding of the processes involved in unlocking debt issues. Through the training they gain an in depth knowledge of what tools are available to an adviser to help to not only find sustainable solutions for each presenting situation but ensure each client is given budgeting education so that they can remain debt free giving them real hope for the future.

CMA’s team of trainers, based all over the UK have visited numerous venues, taken hundreds of training days and taken thousands of nervous trainees through the different courses and have the enormous satisfaction of seeing them make a real difference in people’s lives once qualified to give advice within  their local CMA centres.

CMA’s bespoke training courses dovetail nicely into the skilled and specialist areas of training provided by Wiseradviser ensuring that each adviser can continue to grow and enhance their skills and knowledge at a pace they can manage and in areas relevant to the sorts of situations they encounter on a regular  basis.

Hosting Training

Ideally, you need to have a group of eight or more people wishing to undertake any of the Community Money Advice training options, we will come to you and run the training days at your own venue. However if you have less than eight people we may well be able to arrange training at your venue — please ask. If you would like to arrange in-house training, or have a general enquiry about Community Money Advice Training, please email [email protected] or complete the booking form and return to [email protected]
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“In 2014 I became debt free. I cannot thank Community Money Advice enough for their help and now I have completed the training courses and am a debt adviser with my own clients.”

CMA’s Generalist Debt Adviser Training

For those wanting to advise within a centre environment this three part course covers everything required to become a CMA generalist debt adviser



Caseworker Training

CMA has several standalone training workshops covering:

  • Essential Benefits
  • Insolvency
  • Centre Management

Budget Coaching & Budgeting Workshops

Budget coaching is for those wanting to teach people how to budget whereas the Budgeting workshops are for those wanting to learn how to budget themselves

Currently Available Training Courses:

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