CMA Envision Seminars

DEBT - a cancer in our communities

A dramatic and provocative seminar title, but with 1 in 10 households in the UK now being affected by serious debt issues, it is no overstatement.

CMA can run a half day seminar on the subject of personal debt and how you can help people in need.

These seminars are FREE and include:

• CMA - who we are, what we do
• An overview of the national personal debt crisis
• Information concerning debt and related issues in your own local area
• How debt affects lives - the nature of this ‘cancer’
• The different ways YOU can get involved in helping to address this deep need
• How CMA can help you establish a local debt advice service
• True stories of CMA centre clients who have been freed from the blight of debt

• Testimonies from centres who work as CMA affiliates

The seminars are led by two members of CMA staff, one being your own region’s Operations Support Manager (OSMs are also practising face to face debt advisers).

The seminar takes approximately two - two and a half hours, so can be run in a morning, an afternoon or in the evening. We normally expect a minimum of 8 delegates for a seminar to be able to be run.


You can request CMA to put on a seminar for you by contacting: [email protected]

Or you can book onto an already scheduled seminar: any forthcoming dates and locations are listed under Book Training on the main Training & Events page. Click below and then scroll down the page to the online booking form.

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