CMA Budgeting Training

Budgeting Training Courses


DIY 'In House' usage (CMA affiliates only)
CMA’s budgeting training courses are designed to be run ‘in house’ by a debt adviser or budget coach with some experience of group training or presentation. The courses are self-explanatory, concise and practical. For 'in house' use the training materials can be accessed by CMA affiliates (only) within Centre Resources.
CMA facilitated courses (available to all)
CMA can also facilitate (single day) Budget Training courses for you on request at the cost of £50 per head per day for CMA affiliates and £80 per head per day for Non-affiliates. To request a course be run, and for further details, please contact us.
Course variant 1: Advisers Budget Training Course
These materials are for training staff or volunteers who wish to become budgeting advisers themselves and help clients.
Course variant 2: Client Budgeting Course
These materials are for training clients in how to budget for themselves. The main manual can also be used as a ‘self-help’ budgeting tool for individuals/families.